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Fighting SPAM

Sick of the spam flooding into your mail box? If you insert SPF records into your domain name's DNS and mail server administrators adopt SPF authentication, the spam torrent would subside. Think about it and spread the word.

But for SPF to start making a dent in reducing the amount of spam some major DNS providers need to get their act together. Take a look at the stats -,, and provide DNS for 18% of all domains out there. DO they offer SPF records? Should they as a default, to help stem the SPAM tide? If you use any of those registrars for DNS, how about leaning on them for us?

The story so far...

On or about the 29th of Feburary 2004 this site was "Joe Jobbed" by having a hidden URL to it mentioned in a spam, in order to fool automatic spam policing programs such as SpamCop. The link itself was not viewable to any people who foolishly allow their email client to display HTML, anyway. (not related to us) was also placed in the spam mail as well. The WHOIS data for the domain(s) of the actual website used can be seen by visiting and typing the domain into the WHOIS box at the top right. As the spammer appears to be in China, all I can say is GOOD LUCK, it WASN'T US.